For junta

We hate rules in college. But we’re forced to have some ourselves for the sake of orderliness. Here goes :

1. Only authors can post.  And only existing authors can decide whether you’re fit to be one. If you’re a senior member of the SASTRA quizzing community, you’ll be awarded authorship. Otherwise, hand a soft copy of your quiz to one of the authors and we’ll post it for you. With credit to you, of course.

2. Readers who want to answer may post their answers as a comment to the relevant quiz post. The answers will be revealed a few days after the questions are published. The term “few days” shall remain vague and ambiguous to account for the vagariesof SASTRA internet connections (wireless or otherwise), mid-semester examinations, preparations for culfests etc.

3. The Authors are Oracles who can answer any technical doubt you may have – unless already settled on some other page of this blog. If we don’t know the answer, your doubt is irrelevant to this blog.If you have queries, post them as comments to this page.

4. In the words of Russel Peters – be a man. Anonymous comments (i.e. answers) are not allowed. In case you’re a genius or a lily-livered copycat, we need to know who you are. Even otherwise, we’d like to know our audience.

That’s it, until we meet our Moses again.


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