For authors

1. Please try to keep your English glitch-free. Meaning that you avoid typos and grammatical mistakes.

2. Please use this blog freely to disseminate information and quizzes, but try to keep out irrelevant material like what you did because your father told you to <inside joke alert> 😉

3. Release your answers a few days after posting the questions by editing the question post. Append the answers to the end of the post and add a “more” tag (see  6 below).

4. In case you think major changes are necessary, please contact and get the approval of the other authors before you do any tweaking.

5. Please categorize your posts and add appropriate tags – readers wanting to find specific posts then find it easier.

6.  Add a “more” tag between your questions and your answers, with a warning that says “Click ‘more’ for answers”. Use the icon in your post editing window for this. Then people who read the post after the release of answers still have some suspense left 🙂

At the moment there’s only one way this tag works – by typing questions, then answers and then inserting the tag in between. Inserting the tag and typing text after it won’t work.

7. I know I’m a pain in the crotch, setting rules like this, but please follow these rules and let’s make this a high quality site 🙂

– Sinnerman (who else!)


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