SASTRA University is located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Over the past few years the quizzing culture at SASTRA has grown stronger steadily, especially due to the revival of our intra-college culfest Carpe Diem and the birth of our inter-college fest Kuruksastra (aka KS, no relation to contraceptives, works by Vatsyayan or co-conspirators [see below]). We’ve also won inter-college quizzes at various strong quizzing colleges including (but not limited to) NIT Trichy, PSG Tech (Coimbatore), VIT (Vellore), CIT (Coimbatore), Anna University (Chennai) as well as quizzes by other institutions such as the Economic Times On Campus quiz and the IMS quiz. We have also had a presence at Saarang (IIT Madras), Tata Crucible Quiz (Bangalore edition) etc.

It was a logical progression for the rapidly growing Quiz Club to have a web presence. The actual idea of setting up the blog came from Prashanth S Koundinya (aka Psk/Quarter/SocKrates) of the 2006-2010 batch, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

In the words of SocKrates, this blog is intended to “keep(s) track of all our weekly quiz clubs and other quiz events including carpe, kuruk etc so that more ppl (especially ex-sastra quizzers) can have access to the vast and rich amounts of useless information n knowledge that seep and permeate through our club walls. :-)”

We’ll try to achieve that 🙂

Other conspirators in this evil plot include

  • Arvind Ramachandran (aka CV/brotherlace), Biotechnology 2006-10
  • Sheshadri Krishna (aka Freakshow/Kaipullai/Total Crap/KS), Mechatronics 2004-08
  • Raghuvansh Ramaswamy (aka Sinnerman), Mechanical Engineering 2004-08
  • Surakshith MS (aka Bounce/Thalai), Information Technology 2005-09

As the years pass and more (hopefully!) great quizzers pass through SASTRA, we hope to add more conspirators. Happy quizzing!


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