Arbit Macht Frei

July 25, 2008 at 8:58 pm Leave a comment

Or, the Arbit Question Makes You Free. With apologies to Auschwitz survivors.

by Sinnerman

Connect the two images and the lines below them (with credits for image 1 to the guys over at NITT, specifically Sunil)

‘And are you not,’ said Fook leaning anxiously forward, ‘a greater analyst than the __________ Star Thinker in the Seventh Galaxy of Light and Ingenuity which can calculate the trajectory of every single dust particle throughout a five-week Dangrabad Beta sand blizzard?’
‘A five week sand blizzard? You ask this of me who has contemplated the very vectors of the atoms in the Big Bang itself? Molest me not with this pocket calculator stuff.’

Click “more” for the answer.

The connect is Google. The book in pic 1 is where the term “Googol” was suggested for 10^100, from which Google got its name. The second is the logo for Google’s new mobile OS, “Android”. The blank in the passage is “Googleplex”, which is also the name of Google’s headquarters. The passage is from Douglas Adams’ H2G2. The inspiration for the name of both Googleplexes is the number Googolplex, which is 10^googol.


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